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$99 per 4 months
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YMUW Helps Your Son Prepare for Adulthood While He Has Outrageous Fun:
  • Discovering his own values
  • Conquering the obstacle course
  • Developing respectful relationships
  • Achieving emotional intelligence
  • Making hip-hop beats
  • ​Becoming more confident
  • Learning martial arts & yoga
  • Channeling energy constructively
  • Playing sports
  • ​Practicing being resilient
  • Using mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Participating in a sweat lodge
  • Working cooperatively in teams
  • Overcoming deepest fears
Everything I do revolves around the values gained from the YMUW. Today, my life is about what I can do for others. I have helped produce six Weekends and mentor young men daily. 
Nick B. – YMUW Graduate
“I have learned what it means to be a balanced young man who contributes to society and how to keep learning to expand my world. Thank you YMUW and the men that give their time to it!” 
Ryan A. – YMUW Graduate
“My 21 year-old son did the Weekend when he was 16 and it changed his life. He now has and honors a family of his own.”
Lori Murray
Mostly what I sensed was a lightness of heart, as though a weight had been lifted from him.I wanted to say thank you. There is a great need for your work and effort.”
Suzanne Patrikus
“My son attending this Weekend was the best decision I have ever made AND stood by! It is absolutely amazing what the YMUW does in two nights to change the lives of these young men.” 
Joyce Wong Calvi
“My teen son was verbally aggressive, giving me the finger and thinking he did not have to do anything he didn’t want to. This behavior has largely disappeared, being replaced with cooperation and increasing personal responsibility. He has become open and caring.”
Alla Wood

 “My son, Erik, is now 21 and proudly serving in the USAF - a confident, articulate, young man. Our whole family benefited from Erik's experience. I recommend YMUW to any young man who is entering manhood with uncertainty, apathy and fear about his future. The YMUW can help him determine his own compass for an Ultimate life!”
Susan Small

“We should be investing in male rites of passage like this one to grow healthy young men. Mark Schillinger and his team are doing great work.
Everado Pedraza

Learn How To Motivate Your Son More Effectively

While your son is attending the YMUW, we highly recommend parents attend our companion Parenting Workshop. This “boot camp” style presentation is called, "Raising Your Son to Be Happy, Responsible & Resilient - Without Nagging, Yelling, or Punishing". 

For more information about the companion workshop for parents, please click here.

Dr. Mark Schillinger, D.C., is both the Executive Director of the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend, Inc (YMUW), and the sole owner of Challenging Teenage Sons, Inc (CTS). This notice is in compliance with California Non-profit Law (section 5000) and the California Business and Professions Code (Sections 5230 through 5239, and Section 10133) and applies to any activities coordinated between YMUW and CTS.